Gender Resource Center and Samajik Suvidha Sangam

Name of Project

Gender Resource Center and Samajik Suvidha Sangam

Currently Supported By

Department of Women and Child Development, Government of NCT, Delhi

Geographical Area

Narela relocated slum colony

Target Group

Women, particularly poor, illiterate, slum women belonging to the under privileged sections of society

Project Status


Project Started

July 2006


  • To act as a catalyst for making Delhi safe for women through social, legal, and economic development
  • To improve the general health of women
  • To impart skills for specific trades and to provide forward and backward linkages enabling women to be a part of a productive work force to obtain good remuneration
  • To provide facilities with linkages for social dropouts to return to the mainstream and to provide non-formal functional literacy
  • To establish a mechanism for linking existing government schemes for women which will enable better access
  • To set up a documentation center which will act as a clearing house for information of women and will work towards a system of affiliation with organizations working on the same issues

Project Brief

The gender resource center and samajik suvidha Sangam is envisaged as a one-stop-shop to bring social, economic, and legal empowerment to women, particularly those belonging to the under privileged sections of society. We want to improve the status of women and make the city more woman-friendly. Thus, a gender resource center provides basic health facilities, legal aid, adult literacy, vocational skill training, facilitates mobilization of women into self help groups (SHGs), and facilitates information and access to various government schemes and provisions for the benefit of women.

Evaluation Methods Employed and Results Obtained

Number of women and families reached out to and benefitted annually is seen as an important indicator. The program is reaching out annually to about 15,000 women and their families and has improved their access to public facilities providing legal support, heath, and various social welfare schemes of the government.

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