Child Rights & Protection

Child Rights Protection is the core theme underlying all Child Survival India’s interventions. The organisation works with children, parents and the community to ensure the rights and safety of children. CSI aims to create a protective environment for children. It works to create an enabling environment, where children can access and exercise their rights to Education, Expression, Information, Nutrition, Health & Care, and protection from Abuse, protection from Exploitation, protection from Neglect, Development, Recreation, To Name & Nationality and Survival with dignity.

Child Survival India continues providing non formal education to out of school children between the ages of 6 -14 years old, through ‘Knowledge and fun centers’ that uses interactive & interesting teaching methodology and materials, and try to make the learning experience more meaningful and enjoyable. These centers motivate children to gain education & also empower them to deal with life challenges.

Our Achievements

  • Provided an opportunity for education to children who do not have the means or the time to attend a regular school; mainstreamed the children interested to go back to school; prevented school dropouts and improved retention in schools by providing after school tutorial support.
  • Prepared and empowered children to face life’s challenges by stimulating their ability to reflect on their lives, plans, values and attitudes in a way that is enjoyable and not threatening to them.
  • Stimulated the hidden creative potentials of children by using interesting interactive, non- formal teaching methodologies like theatre, art, craft, puppetry, films, and library to make the learning experience more enjoyable, meaningful and relevant to the child’s social contexts.
  • Encouraged children to share personal problems and provided counseling by experts and other necessary support to those who require it.
  • Educated and prepared children to deal with and avoid incidents of child abuse in future through awareness on issues such as their rights and how they can protect them, personal health and hygiene , substance abuse, life skills, child sexual abuse, gender relations etc.
Child Survival india Mother’s Meeting (2012)

A New Beginning

Eight year old Shahzad, a migrant from Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh, was one of the four children of Mangroo. Mangro0 himself is an illiterate man and earns his living by ironing clothes’ of community people.

Shahzad is the second child of Mangroo and used to help his father by picking up clothes from people’s houses in the morning and then dropping them off back once ironed.

One of our teachers from Masti Ki Pathshala, met with Shahzad’s father. It was difficult making him understand why it was important for children like Shahzad to go to school.

Shahzad, seemed like a bright child but was already living with lot of baggage. Mangro0 was hesitant initially but his mind changed when our teacher told him about the kind of activities that are conducted at the centre

Mangroo realized that he did not have much of a choice when he was growing up but he wanted to do it for his son when it came to his door step. Shahzad was soon enrolled in class II at Masti Ki pathshala. With regular studies and tuitions, Shahzad was soon promoted class III.

However, the tout was absconding once he got 30,000. When Pinky’s parents asked for their money back, Jitendra took his frustration out on pinky. Soon Pinky was thrown out of the house and both her children were taken away from her.

Results Achieved

207 Out of school children enrolled in non formal education

90 Children mainstreamed in government schools

102 Children provided tuition support to prevent school dropout and improve retention in schools.

89 Students provided with computer education


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